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Emanuele Urso (clarinetto/batteria/leader)

Born in Rome, he already shows from a very young age a great gift and passion for music.

He starts to play drums at the age of three and clarinet at five.

He graduates at the S.Cecilia Conservatory in Rome specializing in clarinet.

He joints many Jazz jam session as drummer and clarinet player next to very popular Italian jazz musicians as Roberto PREGADIO, Carlo LOFFREDO, Tony SCOTT, Franco CHIARI, Carlo PES, Oscar VALDAMBRINI, Piero UMILIANI, Romano MUSSOLINI.

In 1994 he starts his professional career putting together with his own quartet.

The exibitions at th Music Inn Jazz Club in Rome and the Fano Jazz Festival are amoung his first important concerts.

In 1997 he plays at the Adriano MAZZOLETTI radio programme “Jazz di Ieri e di Oggi” and the at the Vatican Radio programme “Studio A”.

In 2001 he plays for television programme “L’una italiana”.

In 2002 he takes part to the Ascona International Jazz Festival (Swiss) where he receives huge appreciation and meets the major jazz international rapresentatives like Arvell SHAW, Dan BARRETT, Joe ASCIONE, Allan VACHE, Leroy JONES; in the same year he plays at the Umbria Jazz Festival with guitarists Bucky PIZZARELLI, Frank VIGNOLA, Howard ALDEN.

In 2004 he succedes in France at the Marciac Jazz Festival selling more than 400 copies of his last record.
In 2005 he was invited with his quintet to be on the television show “Meno Siamo Meglio Stiamo” directed by one of his biggest fans: Renzo Arbore.

In February 2006, he was a guest with his Orchestra, as always together with Arbore, on the television show “Matrix” (Channel 5). In the same year he was invited to participate in the “Long night of drums” 2006 edition which happened again in 2009, showcasing the best Italian drummers.

He was a guest for four years (from 2009 to 2013) with his Orchestra at the big Independence Day event at the ambassador of the United States’ roman residence, and was a guest in England from 2012 to 2015 at the “Hep Cats Holiday Swing Festival” establishing themselves as the best Swing Orchestra in Europe.

In 2012 he participated in the Festival of Jazz: “A Night under the Stars” in Fermo (AN), “The Traditional Jazz Festival” in Lanciano (PE), the communal amphitheater of Palmi (RC), the Barletta Curci theater (BA), and the Udine Palamostre theater (UD).
In 2013 he triumphed at the great “Swing Crash” Festival Lake Como, continuing at the Jazz Festival of Muggia (TS), St. Gallen (Switzerland), and won the “Anselmo Mattei” prize again after 10 years as well as San Salvatore Telesino (BN) named as the best orchestra of the year. Also in 2013, he was invited by the great Italian director Marco Risi to create the music for his latest film “Cha Cha Cha”, distributed by Rai Cinema and successfully presented at the thirty-sixth Montreal World Film Festival and the Taormina Film Festival. Emanuele Urso and his orchestra appeared in the official trailer and in the final scene of the film alongside actor Nino Frassica.

In 2014 he was invited with his orchestra to the Summer Jamboree in Senigallia, an internationally recognized swing festival, proving a real triumph of public and record sales, also back by popular demand at the Muggia Jazz Festival and the Festival “A Night under the stars “of Fermo (AN) and the Rome Jazz Festival. In the same year he was contacted by Japan Tobacco International (Winston and Camel cigarettes) to present a new electronic cigarette project to Italy in various gala events.
For the year 2015 he is already expected at the “Hep Cats Holiday Swing Festival” Saturday July 4, 2015 and was recently contacted and proposed a spot at the Lindy Hop Festival in Vilnius (Lithuania).

Other Festivals : Gaeta Jazz Festival (2017)
Formello Jazz Festival (2017)
Ariano Folk Festival (2017)
Montecorice Diwine Jazz Festival
Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival (2018,2019)
Eddie Lang Jazz Festival, Monteroduni (2019)
Kroton Jazz Festival, Crotone (2019)
Policoro in Swing 2019

In his long and fulfilling career he has recorded eight discs: Swing (1997), Runnin’ Wild (2000), The Kingdom of Swing (2003), Red Horse Boogie Woogie (2005), Swingology (2007), Remembering the Goodman Years ( 2008), Greatest Tunes (2012) and Swings Again; all but the first products from his own record label: the Golden Lion Jazz Records.

Currently he is a demonstrator at the Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti (U.F.I.P.) and for the international drumsticks manufacturer Vic Firth of Boston. About his quality as a drummer, important articles have appeared in magazines and on specialized websites such as “Modern Drummer (2006) and” Best Drummer “.
He continues his activity uninterruptedly driving his Sextet and his Orchestra to large and small stages, private parties as well as radio and television show.

Emanuele Urso is a musician with excellent technical and musical qualities both as a drummer and as a clarinetist, as well as a great conductor and arranger. His conception of music is completely focused on the Jazz Swing Era (United States 1935-45), music that today has Emanuele as the most expert at the European level. The tireless efforts, the pursuit of perfection and his professionalism are qualities that have enabled him to win his now universally recognized title “King of Swing” (see article published in July 2000 by “The Journal” and numerous comments from American musicians).

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